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Owner, Dr., Creator, and Teacher

Meet Prof. invit Dr. Michael Jordan

Michael is the owner of two medical practices, in Munich and Wertingen, and has been operating since 1995 seeing over 4,000 patients a year. He is the owner of the EXMI technology that he introduced personally in 28 countries. Today the technology is available in 58 countries. He is an urologist, teacher, and wants to leave this life leaving a legacy and a world better than the one he met when he began! He is driven to fulfill his mission and will not rest until this is completed.

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What People Say


I know Prof. Michael Jordan as a well respected proctoring doctor for TUNA (transurethral needle ablation). He has covered several proctorings in the Middle and Far East.
I admire his entrepreneurial mindset and his persistence to succeed in any business. His magnetic chair is valued by many KOL’s. I wish him that his great visions will come true in the near future.

Stefan Engelberg

Stefan Engelberg

PhD. Market Development EMEA

Prof. Jordan is an international entrepreneur combining medical science and commercial skills bringing innovative products to the market place. I know him as an enthusiastic person with an enormous drive.

Ruud de Jong

Ruud de Jong

Healthcare Incubator Regenerative Medicine

Prof. Jordan exhibits not only a brilliant, but insightful mind, and Kitalpha Med will, without a doubt, make a significant difference to the lives of many people. I count Michael not only among my clients but among my friends.

Michael Lechter

Michael Lechter

Attorney, Author, Prof.
Stefan Engelberg, PhD. Market Development EMEARuud de Jong, Healthcare Incubator Regenerative MedicineMichael Lechter, Attorney, Author, Prof.

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